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Belts - a brief history

You might not realize that belts actually have a long and storied past (we certainly didn't). So we decided to do a little research in quarantine on the most underrated men's accessory:
3300 BCE- The first belts were typically simple pieces of string worn around the waist to carry pouches, like ancient fanny packs.
1 CE- Soldiers in ancient Roman times would wear a belt (AKA a balteus) slung over their shoulders to carry their weapons. Baltei were used as a form of identification, decorated with silver and bronze studs and pendants attached to their straps. If a soldier was dishonorably discharged, his balteus would be confiscated, thus stripping him of his rank.
1100 CE- Belts in the Middle Ages were a symbol of the rich and elite, often gifted from one noble to another . They were long, large, and elaborately designed. Belts were essential for keeping their swords at hand.
1837 CE- Men preferred suspenders over belts during the Victorian era, but women sometimes wore extravagantly ruffled and lacy belts to accentuate their corseted waists.
1920 CE- With baggy cuffed trousers as the trend du jour, belts naturally became a stylish companion. Belts provided a cinched waist in order to achieve the bold and shapely silhouette favored during this time
2020 CE- Belts have really come a long way in the past 5,000 years. With Beltology, they’ve never been cozier, comfier,  or easier to wear than right now. So grab a woven belt today and start making history!