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Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Some popular schools of thought assert that the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day arose because it is leprechauns’ favorite color. As well, wearing green makes us invisible to leprechauns who would otherwise pinch us for not wearing their favorite color.

Uh, okay. Leprechauns’ favorite color is also invisible to them? What? How does that work? And also, why are we pinching each other then? Let leprechauns do that. That’s their thing. It’s potentially borderline appropriative.
In conclusion, do not pinch me this year because it is problematic or something. I’m convinced that most people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day simply because they do not want to be pinched. In fact, you might be one of the many people throwing on a random article of green clothing this year to avoid such a fate. Well, there’s no reason you can’t look cute and put-together while being held hostage by the banal violence of society! Here are belts you can wear with every shade of green.

Forest Green

A classic shade, quite vivid. Wearing it with the
Litmus in cordovan will make the color look even richer.

Hunter Green

A very classy and easy-to-wear color. Make it bold with the
Catalyst. The navy complements the dark green nicely, while the red, yellow, and white add pops of color to give this solid shade a much needed jolt of fun energy.

Kelly Green

A popular green variant despite being somewhat difficult to pull off. Pair it with the
Basis for a standout outfit. This bright blue belt can more than hold its own against this formidable shade.


Very cheeky. The dark navy of the
Control can help keep this bright shade from coming off too garish without fighting it.

Mint Green

How do you catch such an ethereal shade and pin it down? Wear it with the
Terra for a refreshing pastel look. 

Neon Green

Doesn’t get much brighter than this. A solid neutral allowing the neon to do its thing, the
Wavelength in black is a unique mashup of traditional and modern that will add visual interest to your outfit beyond color.


A color that can easily go drab. Pairing it with the
Helix in gray creates a cool and unique color combo.

Shamrock Green

Can’t write a post about green for St. Patrick’s Day without including this color! This brilliant shade worn with a stylish belt like the
Quadrant will turn heads. Combined with the melange of burgundy, navy, and white, this green will look pretty swanky.