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How to get a reaction with the Reactor

Reactor is back in stock today— the least boring belt you can wear. A striking mélange of classic blue shades snazzily offset with interwoven hints of grey-green, you might be a little intimidated if you usually just default to your trusty black or brown belt. You might be thinking, “How do I even wear a blue woven belt? I should probably just stick to the same belt I always wear.” Coward. What are you afraid of? Afraid of looking rad as heck? Afraid you’ll get a bunch of compliments? Well, stop it. To assuage your anxieties, here are some ideas on how to style your new favorite accessory.

1. For an attention-grabbing accessory like the Reactor, wearing neutrals will seriously make the colors pop. You can opt for lighter tones like white (yeah yeah it's after Labor Day but you're cooler than arbitrary fashion rules) or beige or warmer tones like tan.

2. If you’re going for a more understated vibe, throw on a complementary blue or gray. You can also pair the Reactor with denim for an easy, breezy look. 

3. The Reactor is obviously a star, but if you’re worried it might be too focus-pulling, try wearing it with a fun neutral print. People will still undoubtedly notice your cool belt (because they won’t be able to help themselves), but a patterned shirt can help balance your outfit’s visual interest.

So now you have no more excuses to not pursue your fashion aspirations - Go forth and be stylish.