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I Pink I Can!

Think pink! Vastly underrated and underused in men’s clothing, pink is a sweet and playful color that deserves some special consideration. Whether it’s a romantic dusty rose, subdued blush, or daring magenta, adding pink is a great way to punch up an outfit’s visual impact with minimal effort. It’s a color for the confident, though deceptively easy to wear. Here are a few of the many ways you can wear the Tropic— a breezily stylish belt perfect for pink newbies.
What’s Neutral, Pussycat?

A pink woven belt sounds like it could be quite ostentatious, but the hushed pink and sophisticated blues of the Tropic make it thoughtfully subdued. Restricting your wardrobe to a neutral color palette heightens the Tropic’s understated effect, so even if pink isn’t a color you usually wear, you’ll look NBD-chic (something I just made up, but only because it should already exist). For an ultra-mellow vibe, pair the Tropic with light neutrals like white, pale gray, and camel. It’s a tender and pseudo-minimalist look that won’t come across as boring. If you want the pink to make more of a statement without sacrificing the belt’s low-key charm, darker neutrals like black and dark brown will do the trick!

Go Green

A complementary green goes a long way. Wearing an army green, hunter green, or sage will balance out the Tropic’s pink without obscuring it. Green also goes well with the belt’s blues. Dark greens or muted greens will work wonders, but if you’re feeling quirky, you can even try wearing it with an avocado or emerald green for a more high impact look.

Keep It Casual

The Tropic is great for slightly dressing up a casual outfit. Its blues pair well with denim for an interesting tone-on-tone look. Throw on a plain white tee with some jeans, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate laidback weekend uniform. It’s what you’ll want to wear while sipping mojitos and kicking back with some friends on the patio this spring.