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In the loop about "in the loop"

Your fun fact for the day: The phrase "in the loop" can trace its origins back over 150 years ago, when Theophilus Beltson first invented the belt in 1863. As the use of Beltson's newfangled invention surpassed in popularity the previous method of keeping pants from falling down— simply stapling one's shirt to their pants— "in the loop" made its way into the general lexicon. Only really cool people knew what belts were, so a person wearing pants with belt loops was said to be "in the loop," meaning they were highly knowledgeable about fashion trends.

We’re joking of course. No one knows where “in the loop” came from or what it means. Maybe some people know, but no one’s told us. There should really be a phrase for this kind of situation…


We have been informed that the term originated in the 60s or 70s. It was potentially referencing aviation and aircraft control circuitry, regarding the pilot’s control over the autopilot. It could also have been derived from the military term “command-and-control feedback loop,” referring to the system of passing orders from officers to soldiers and status reports from soldiers to officers.

“In the loop” means being informed on a subject known to a select group of people. For example, if you’re “in the loop,” you should know that our Black Friday sale is fast approaching. Other things to loop you in on: our belts are stretchier and comfier than any other accessory you can wrap around your waist.

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