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Love, Match-ually

Looking for the right belt? I mean, the answer is always. But how do you decide which is the right belt for your outfit?

Old-school fashion mavens are adamant that the leather of your belt should match the leather of your shoes— so a brown leather belt for your brown leather shoes, or a black leather belt for your black leather shoes. Some very accommodating department stores will even offer a range of belts in the same colors as their lines of shoes, but matching your belt to your shoes exactly is only really necessary if you’re having a professional power-luncheon with a serious stickler for style etiquette (at which point, you should probably worry about matching the metal of your belt to the metal of your shoes as well).

It all boils down to color theory. If not adhering to strict matching, a “warm” color like brown can go with other browns or reds and creams, while a “cool” color like black would pair nicely with other blacks or grays and navies.

But fashion is all made-up anyway. You can wear anything as long as you wear it with the right amount of confidence. And Beltology is all about confidence. We’re all about bright colors and bold patterns— the fashion gods be damned. So here’s a list of other things you can match your belt to for maximal effect!

The sky
For when you’re feeling like a placid blue expanse of puffy cauliflower clouds. Or moody and overcast.

Your drink
For classy nights sipping a well-mixed White Russian.

A Mondrian painting
For the attention-seeking Modernist in you.