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pretty golfing awesome - the PGA comes to town

We are only a couple days away from the PGA championship here in New York and we're pretty freaking stoked. Not only have we won Golf Digest's Editors Choice for best golf belts two years in a row, but our long shot prediction for Tiger's win at the Master's (scroll down) was dead on the money. Call us lucky, call us crazy but we're definitely doing something right...

Here are our top three picks for Bethpage:

1. Tiger Tiger Tiger - maybe we're a bit start struck, or maybe we just want to relive the early days, but we can't deny that he's back in form and rolling, plus he's won it before so he knows his way around :)

2. Brooks Koepka -
no one elevates the game like Koepka, and we love surprises, and while this one's mostly personal crazier things have happened!

3. Rory Mcllroy -
undoubtedly one of the best players in Golf this year, Rory is an easy contender. While he doesn't have a top 10 since 2014, we think he's hungry to chase that 5 for 5 tie with Mickelson. Plus he just turned 30, and if there's a theme in Golf this year it's that the game seems to get better with age so...