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Read This if You’re Working From Home, But Not Really Working

It’s easy for the boundaries between work and home to get blurred when you’re working from home. After a long day in the office, you usually come home to unwind, but if you’re already home, it’s tempting to be in chillout mode all the time. One thing that can be helpful is dressing up. Forgo sleeping in an extra hour, and take that time to reestablish your morning routine. Slicking back your hair and putting on a belt can really help you get into that professional mindset.

Some of you may be resisting the thought of wearing a belt all day to sit on the couch. We get it— you want to feel comfortable in your own home. Thankfully, our belts are made from stretchy flex material so they fit snugly without ever being too constricting. You’ll be feeling cozy whether you’re sitting in bed with your laptop in your lap, or pacing back and forth in your hallway.

And once you’ve realized how awesome our belts are and how suitable they are for working from home, buying one counts as being productive. So at least you did one thing today.