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TBT Carlotta X Beltology

 For most of our team, born very much after the Disco craze of the 70's and 80's, working with artist and model Carlotta Kohl on designing a line of Disco inspired belts changed both our musical tastes and our fashion tastes forever.

Over the span of 4 months and just in time for the Holidays, we put together three custom colorways each named after a powerful female figure in the genre: Donna Summers, Gloria Gaynor, and Evelyn King. We then partnered with Swarovski to design custom Heart, Circle, and Star buckles finished with Italian Brass and studded with matching crystals to create a collection of what are unquestionably our glammest statement belts yet.

You can read more about the collab here at Vogue as well as shop the collection Here.