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The Cream of the Crop

You can always rely on your trusty brown belt, but it’s the same one you always wear. As for your old black belt, I only care if it was awarded to you to signify your technical proficiency in martial arts. For something that won’t make people yawn, consider the cream belt— the roundhouse kick of belts.

One of the things that makes cream belts so amazing is how well they pair with a range of colors. They’re perfect with pastels because they allow lighter shades to shine without breaking up your outfit’s color story like a black or brown belt would. On the flip side, cream belts pair brilliantly with jewel tones and other darker shades, making those colors look richer. You can even wear a cream belt with other neutrals! All you need to add to a brown, navy, or gray suit is a cream belt and you have a thoughtfully tasteful getup.

Just as important as what you wear is the where of the wear. With cream belts, that where can be almost anywhere. Pair your eggs benedict with a cream belt at brunch for a classic weekend look. Of course, a cream belt is a no-brainer at the country club, but a cream belt can also be a simple statement piece on a lively jaunt through the city. Put on your cream belt for basically any special occasion— a baby shower, an engagement party, a spring wedding, or a summer cookout.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Try the crème de la crème of cream belts, the 
Chaos, yourself and love how dashing it’ll make you look.