A fresh start for belts

Belts were overlooked. Now they’re ready for a double take.

No longer an afterthought

We started Beltology because we believe your waist is a terrible thing to waste. Belts have an important job to do, sure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be expressive. Our focus is singular: to build a refreshing new take on an age-old accessory, with unassailable style and unmatched quality at the core of everything we do.

Even better? We bring it all directly to you via a digitally-driven experience that’s as effortless as wearing a belt should be.

"Cool enough for street kids, the right side of jaunty for men in suits, and a rainbow of colors for preppy golfers." - Vanity Fair, November 2015 Shop Belts

Art & science, woven together

We design our belts with two things in mind: freedom of expression — that’s style — and freedom of movement — that’s functionality. You won’t find a generic leather belt destined for a muted existence here. Eye-catching colors and patterns are our M.O., and we often turn to our travels around the globe for design inspiration.

Beltology belts are made to move. All of our styles include cutting-edge stretch fabric that maximizes comfort and resilience. Whether you’re biking to the office or backpacking to Oslo, they’ll snap back to their original length and stay extra comfortable in any context. Plus, their webbed design means you’ll get a perfect fit that adapts to your natural waist every time. No holes, no restrictions.


While studying at Parsons in New York City, Andrew and Anna bonded over a sartorial question: Are belts getting the attention they deserve? A shared trip to Sweden introduced them to the stretch woven belt, which helped them realize that the answer resided in an innovative blend of form and function. Now experts in the world of belts, they’re taking European-inspired design and combining it with New York City hustle to build a belt brand for the future.

"Belts are the unsung hero of men’s accessories. They’re an easy thing to forget unless they’re memorable.” - The Beltologist, January 2014 Shop Belts