Our Story

Our focus is singular: to build a refreshing new take on an age-old accessory, with unassailable style and unmatched quality at the core of everything we do. Belts have an important job to do, sure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be expressive.
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Art & science, woven together

We design our belts with two things in mind: freedom of expression — that’s style — and freedom of movement — that’s functionality. You won’t find a generic leather belt destined for a muted existence here. Eye-catching colors and patterns are our M.O., and we often turn to our travels around the globe for design inspiration.
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Our Belts

Beltology belts are made to move. All of our styles include cutting-edge stretch fabric that maximizes comfort and resilience. Whether you’re biking to the office or backpacking to Oslo, they’ll snap back to their original length and stay extra comfortable in any context. Plus, their webbed design means you’ll get a perfect fit that adapts to your natural waist every time. No holes, no restrictions.
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As seen in

"Cool enough for street kids, the right side
of jaunty for men in suits, and a rainbow of colors
for preppy golfers."

"Beltology, an online-only brand devoted to giving the least-noticed,
least-talked about and least-fetishized accessory in menswear its
proper place of worship."

"Enter Beltology, a company bringing
the colorful Italian woven stretch belt to the world
for an affordable price."

“Beltology's collection of simple, stylish belts are made of a
woven material that stretches and helps avoid sizing issues
by eliminating the need for holes."

"Beltology is a part of a new mens market that focuses
on loyalty and expertise in one category and creating a brand that
customers can come back to and trust."

"The belt is an often forgotten and overlooked
accessory that plays a crucial role in daily wear and
Beltology hopes to change that."