meet our team


Founder/Creative Director

Fav Food: kimchee & oatley

Fav Belt: Pinpoint!

Fav Place: Hong Kong!

Quote: "silence is golden...unless you have kids, then it's suspicious."



Fav Food: eggplant parmesan

Fav Belt: Helix Navy White

Fav Place: Amsterdam!

Quote: "let the ppl off the train before you get on the train."


Marketing & Art Director

Fav Food: Pastrami

Fav Belt: Basis

Fav Place: Athens

Quote: "chase your dreams, keep sleeping"

Frans a.k.a Paco

Wholesale Director

Fav Food: tacos, tacos, tacos

Fav Belt: the Optic!

Fav Place: Tulum

Quote: "more espresso less depresso!"


Customer Service Manager

Fav Food: Krispy Kream

Fav Belt: the Catalyst!

Fav Place: Miami

Quote: "i'm getting deja vu all over again"


Intern of Extraordinary Ability

Fav Food: dim sum

Fav Belt: Chaos!

Fav Place: Del Taco

Quote: "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house"