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The Gift That Keeps on Fitting


Pumpkin spice is everywhere. Your coworker has been adding Christmas songs to the office playlist since September. You still haven’t taken your reindeer sweater to the dry cleaners after last year’s eggnog debacle at that holiday party. Oh yes, the holidays are imminent, and the number one thing you can do to avoid seasonal stress is be a proactive and thoughtful gift-giver. Fortunately, we at Beltology have the perfect gifting solution (even if it is a bit biased) — a belt. Hear us out:

1. Size doesn’t really matter.
Belts with holes: not an easy gift to get exactly right on the sizing front. Belts without holes: totally genius. Stretch woven belts like this one easily adapt to a range of waist sizes and stay comfortable and flexible throughout the day. With a stretch woven belt, you’ll not only make the gift-giving easier process on yourself, but give someone a more comfortable, day-changing belt. It’s a win-win.

2. Give ’em what they didn’t know they needed.
As we’ve written before, belts have been the forgotten accessory for too long. Chances are the person you’re gifting hasn’t put much thought into the workhorse holding up their pants. This is where you can be a hero and give them something unique. A more expressive belt (try one with a pattern or pop color) can help your recipient show the world that they pay attention to detail and aren’t afraid to have some fun.

3. They’ll use it every day.
The last thing you want is for your gift to be forgotten in a storage container, or much worse — re-gifted. With the right belt, you’re giving someone the double-edged gift of pragmatic function and expressive form. Best of all? The recipient will think of you every time they aren’t dying to take their belt off when they get home from work. A refreshing change of pace, indeed.

4. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
A stylish belt doesn’t have to be loaded with personality. Sometimes keeping it neutral and subtle can be the best course of action, especially when the alternative is a worn-out brown leather belt. “Safe” colors like tan or navy will be a versatile addition to their wardrobe without being boring. Don’t overthink it.

5. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Flip on the news and it’s easy to get cynical about the state of the world. We generally recommend optimism, but using a belt creatively can help your gift recipient in the event of extreme adversity. Need to hang their makeshift hammock from a tree? A belt will do the trick. Being attacked by zombies? They can fend them off with a belt. Sure, it’s a bit alarmist, but they’ll thank you later…