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What’s something you wear everyday but never really think about? Chances are it’s your belt, or maybe your underpants (we hope not), but definitely your belt. Beltology is here to change that. We believe, and our team of scientific belt experts tell us, that your belt is the single most important accessory in your wardrobe. Not only does it keep your pants up, but it can be the difference between standing out or fading into the background at that interview or dinner party. For too long belts have been overlooked, underloved, and poorly made. We say no more!
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three reasons to buckle up

1. No holes means no sizing problems. Our signature woven design means your belt will fit both your summer beach bod AND your post thanksgiving bod. No more ad hoc holes punched in your belt!

2. All our belts are handcrafted in the USA with Beltology's signature flex, meaning they stretch up to 15%. Whether you're headed from the office to the golf course, or from your apartment to a night on the town, our belts will move with you.

3. Colors! In addition to our Litmus collection of premium Italian leather, we release seasonal designs for both the Spring and Summer, as well as the Fall and Winter. Which means you'll always have the perfect colorway for any outfit, in any season!
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need more reasons?

"Saraiva has contributed a gorgeous palette for André x Beltology, including Kelly green, pink and blue, and a red, blue, and white trilogy...because who doesn’t want to perk up a pink belt and pop over your pants?"

"Start-up accessory brand Beltology is taking things up a notch as they launch their first collaboration with graffiti artist and sometimes restaurateur and nightlife impresario, André Saraiva."

"Beltology is an innovative brand that manages to take the belt—a timeless yet often tired wardrobe staple—and make it both buzzy and irreverent."

"Cool enough for street kids, the right side
of jaunty for men in suits, and a rainbow of colors
for preppy golfers."

"Beltology, an online-only brand devoted to giving the least-noticed,
least-talked about and least-fetishized accessory in menswear its
proper place of worship."

"Enter Beltology, a company bringing
the colorful Italian woven stretch belt to the world
for an affordable price."

“Beltology's collection of simple, stylish belts are made of a
woven material that stretches and helps avoid sizing issues
by eliminating the need for holes."

"Beltology is a part of a new mens market that focuses
on loyalty and expertise in one category and creating a brand that
customers can come back to and trust."

"The belt is an often forgotten and overlooked
accessory that plays a crucial role in daily wear and
Beltology hopes to change that."