a better fitting belt

Our belts are designed to match your regular belt size. So as a rule of thumb if you're a 32 in pants then chances are you're a good fit for a 34 belt. Ultimately it depends on your own personal style, do you like your belt with extra room, or do you like that perfect fit? We say be your belt self and experiment - we offer free exchanges and 100 day returns!

No matter how you size your belt, the good news is that all of our belts are designed with a signature flex weave which gives them roughly 15% give in either direction! We built this flex into the belt to take into account the variation in materials - waxed cotton stretches slightly differently than rayon and leather. SO if you find there to be short variations in the length of your belt upon receipt don't panic! It's all part of how each fabric stretches over time. However if you are keen on that absolutely perfect fit or are caught between sizes, we say go for your waist size, or better yet shoot us an email and someone from our team of expert belt scientists will be happy to advise you on what size will work!

men's 30

95 cm in length

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men's 32

100 cm in length

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men's 34

105 cm in length

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men's 36

110 cm in length

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men's 38

115 cm in length

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men's 40

120 cm in length

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unisex small

95 cm in length (mens 30)

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unisex medium

100 cm in length (mens 32)

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unisex large

105 cm in length (mens 34)

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