The Cream of the Crop

You can always rely on your trusty brown belt, but it’s the same one you always wear. As for your old black belt, I only care if it was awarded to you to signify your technical proficiency in martial arts. For something that won’t make people yawn, consider the cream belt— the roundhouse kick of belts.

One of the things that makes cream belts so amazing is how well they pair with a range of colors. They’re perfect with pastels because they allow lighter shades to shine without breaking up your outfit’s color story like a black or brown belt would. On the flip side, cream belts pair brilliantly with jewel tones and other darker shades, making those colors look richer. You can even wear a cream belt with other neutrals! All you need to add to a brown, navy, or gray suit is a cream belt and you have a thoughtfully tasteful getup.

Just as important as what you wear is the where of the wear. With cream belts, that where can be almost anywhere. Pair your eggs benedict with a cream belt at brunch for a classic weekend look. Of course, a cream belt is a no-brainer at the country club, but a cream belt can also be a simple statement piece on a lively jaunt through the city. Put on your cream belt for basically any special occasion— a baby shower, an engagement party, a spring wedding, or a summer cookout.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Try the crème de la crème of cream belts, the 
Chaos, yourself and love how dashing it’ll make you look.


I Pink I Can!

Think pink! Vastly underrated and underused in men’s clothing, pink is a sweet and playful color that deserves some special consideration. Whether it’s a romantic dusty rose, subdued blush, or daring magenta, adding pink is a great way to punch up an outfit’s visual impact with minimal effort. It’s a color for the confident, though deceptively easy to wear. Here are a few of the many ways you can wear the Tropic— a breezily stylish belt perfect for pink newbies.
What’s Neutral, Pussycat?

A pink woven belt sounds like it could be quite ostentatious, but the hushed pink and sophisticated blues of the Tropic make it thoughtfully subdued. Restricting your wardrobe to a neutral color palette heightens the Tropic’s understated effect, so even if pink isn’t a color you usually wear, you’ll look NBD-chic (something I just made up, but only because it should already exist). For an ultra-mellow vibe, pair the Tropic with light neutrals like white, pale gray, and camel. It’s a tender and pseudo-minimalist look that won’t come across as boring. If you want the pink to make more of a statement without sacrificing the belt’s low-key charm, darker neutrals like black and dark brown will do the trick!

Go Green

A complementary green goes a long way. Wearing an army green, hunter green, or sage will balance out the Tropic’s pink without obscuring it. Green also goes well with the belt’s blues. Dark greens or muted greens will work wonders, but if you’re feeling quirky, you can even try wearing it with an avocado or emerald green for a more high impact look.

Keep It Casual

The Tropic is great for slightly dressing up a casual outfit. Its blues pair well with denim for an interesting tone-on-tone look. Throw on a plain white tee with some jeans, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate laidback weekend uniform. It’s what you’ll want to wear while sipping mojitos and kicking back with some friends on the patio this spring.


How to Get a Reaction with the Reactor

We’re launching the 
Reactor today— the least boring belt you can wear. A striking mélange of classic blue shades snazzily offset with interwoven hints of taupe, you might be a little intimidated if you usually just default to your trusty black or brown belt. You might be thinking, “How do I even wear a blue woven belt? I should probably just stick to the same belt I always wear.” Coward. What are you afraid of? Afraid of looking rad as heck? Afraid you’ll get a bunch of compliments? Well, stop it. To assuage your anxieties, here are some ideas on how to style your new favorite accessory.

1. For an attention-grabbing accessory like the Reactor, wearing neutrals will seriously make the colors pop. You can opt for lighter tones like white, or beige or warmer tones like tan.

2. If you’re going for a more understated vibe, throw on a complementary blue or gray. You can also pair the Reactor with denim for an easy, breezy look. 

3. The Reactor is obviously a star, but if you’re worried it might be too focus-pulling, try wearing it with a fun neutral print. People will still undoubtedly notice your cool belt (because they won’t be able to help themselves), but a patterned shirt can help balance your outfit’s visual interest.

So now you have no more excuses to not pursue your fashion aspirations - Go forth and be stylish.


5 Ways to Celebrate Love Around the World (with Belts)


This is our public service announcement reminding you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Hopefully you have something nice already planned for the day (even if you’re single!), but if not, we’re here to help.

Since love makes the world go round, here are some of the different ways Valentine’s Day and love are celebrated across the globe (with some tangentially related belt content NATCH, because you’re on a blog about belts).

Slovenians believe that Valentine’s Day is the day that birds propose to one another. People must walk barefoot across frozen fields in order to observe the ceremony of birds. If you’re looking for a quirky, offbeat Valentine’s Day, maybe do as the Slovenians do and go birdwatching. But instead of walking barefoot on frozen ground, just wear the Basis as a nod to this icy tradition with its mellow blue hues.

Instead of Valentine’s Day, Romanians’ day of love is Dragobete. On February 24th (considered the first day of spring), girls will collect snow to use in magic potions meant to protect from illness and hard times for the rest of the year. As well, boys and girls will go into the forest to pick colorful flowers for each other. It should be noted that it is forbidden to sacrifice birds or other animals on this day— so don’t do that if you want a fruitful Dragobete. Brewing magic potions with your partner seems like a great bonding activity for Valentine’s Day, but for a more low-key Dragobetian celebration, a bouquet of fresh flowers will do the trick. And a colorful bouquet should be presented in your most colorful belt. Check out the vibrant colors of the Catalyst!

In Ghana, Valentine’s Day shares its date with National Chocolate Day. In order to promote domestic tourism and the consumption of Ghanaian chocolate and cocoa-based products, citizens are encouraged to drink hot chocolate for breakfast instead of tea and to finish off dinner with a chocolate bar. Perhaps the world’s second largest exporter of cocoa could inspire you to have a multi-course chocolate feast: brownies, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fondue, chocolate ice cream, chocolate souffle, chocolate lava cake, chocolate milkshakes, and chocolatinis. And obviously you’ll want to wear a sweet accessory like our chocolate-colored Control.

February 14th also marks St. Trifon’s Day in Bulgaria. As St. Trifon was the patron saint of winegrowers and winemakers, his holiday is celebrated by drinking lots of wine (and also making a special bread for some reason). You’ll probably want to skip fertilizing your vineyards’ soil with blessed wine, but for a Bulgarian-inspired Valentine’s Day date, going out for a fun wine tasting or a paint-and-sip class seems like a perfect way to spend time with someone you care about. And what’s the perfect accessory to wear while pounding back pinots? Probably the Quadrant, interwoven with lush burgundy strips.

South Korea
On Valentine’s Day, women in South Korea will give the men in their lives chocolate. White Day, on March 14th, is the day men return their affections with chocolates of their own. For the lonely singles who receive nothing on either of those days, there’s Black Day on April 14th. They gather to eat noodles in black bean sauce, all while dressed head-to-toe in black. So if Valentine’s Day is more like Singles Awareness Day for you, slap on the Wavelength in black, call up some close friends, and cry over some noodles together.


Love, Match-ually

Looking for the right belt? I mean, the answer is always. But how do you decide which is the right belt for your outfit?

Old-school fashion mavens are adamant that the leather of your belt should match the leather of your shoes— so a brown leather belt for your brown leather shoes, or a black leather belt for your black leather shoes. Some very accommodating department stores will even offer a range of belts in the same colors as their lines of shoes, but matching your belt to your shoes exactly is only really necessary if you’re having a professional power-luncheon with a serious stickler for style etiquette (at which point, you should probably worry about matching the metal of your belt to the metal of your shoes as well).

It all boils down to color theory. If not adhering to strict matching, a “warm” color like brown can go with other browns or reds and creams, while a “cool” color like black would pair nicely with other blacks or grays and navies.

But fashion is all made-up anyway. You can wear anything as long as you wear it with the right amount of confidence. And Beltology is all about confidence. We’re all about bright colors and bold patterns— the fashion gods be damned. So here’s a list of other things you can match your belt to for maximal effect!

The sky
For when you’re feeling like a placid blue expanse of puffy cauliflower clouds. Or moody and overcast.

Your drink
For classy nights sipping a well-mixed White Russian.

A Mondrian painting
For the attention-seeking Modernist in you.


In the loop about "in the loop"

Your fun fact for the day: The phrase "in the loop" can trace its origins back over 150 years ago, when Theophilus Beltson first invented the belt in 1863. As the use of Beltson's newfangled invention surpassed in popularity the previous method of keeping pants from falling down— simply stapling one's shirt to their pants— "in the loop" made its way into the general lexicon. Only really cool people knew what belts were, so a person wearing pants with belt loops was said to be "in the loop," meaning they were highly knowledgeable about fashion trends.

We’re joking of course. No one knows where “in the loop” came from or what it means. Maybe some people know, but no one’s told us. There should really be a phrase for this kind of situation…


We have been informed that the term originated in the 60s or 70s. It was potentially referencing aviation and aircraft control circuitry, regarding the pilot’s control over the autopilot. It could also have been derived from the military term “command-and-control feedback loop,” referring to the system of passing orders from officers to soldiers and status reports from soldiers to officers.

“In the loop” means being informed on a subject known to a select group of people. For example, if you’re “in the loop,” you should know that our Black Friday sale is fast approaching. Other things to loop you in on: our belts are stretchier and comfier than any other accessory you can wrap around your waist.

Stay in the loop by following us on Instagram!


R.I.P. to a true legend

Today we remember a legend and inspiration. Jake Burton Carpenter, founder of Burton Co., was a hardworking, fun loving, cutting edge designer and it was a true honor and privilege to have been able to work together on building a Burton X Beltology belt for the 
#mine77 collection.

You can shop the belt, along with other beautiful and functional ski and snowboarding classics via this LINK.



There’s a lot to be thankful for this year: Missy Elliott was finally inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Famescientists brought pig brains back to life, and the nightmare that was Game of Thrones finally ended (pour one out for the Mother of Dragons, and steel yourself for the bevy of spinoffs to come).

Soon we’ll find ourselves gathered around a table with our family and loved ones, passing the mashed potatoes and trying not to argue about politics. So here’s a quick q before the hectic holidays take over: What are you thankful for?

 Here at Beltology, we're thankful for

1. High-impact first impressions
Looking polished, but not boringBright colors and fun patterns that help you stand out. Looking like you have your crap together, so you can finally gain the approval of your significant other’s family.

2. Cozy, comfy fits
Stretchy fits for easy maneuvering around the kitchen, dodging uncles with Opinions™, impromptu games of football with your cousins, or walking along the streets of your old neighborhood lined with crisp autumn leaves. Flex webbing that allows a little give for your post-Thanksgiving bod.

3. Reliability
Thank god Mercury has exited retrograde, but there’s still bound to be a million mishaps and miscommunications during the holiday season. So it’s nice to have something— even if it’s just an article of clothing— that you don’t have to worry about. Throwing on an accessory that you know feels good and looks good does wonders for your mood.

4. All of you
Big shoutout to all of our awesome customers! Thank you for including us on your journey of discovering what makes you bold and proud. If we’ve made you thankful in any way, tag us on Instagram to let us know. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and comments.

Gobble gobble 🦃


The Gift That Keeps on Fitting


Pumpkin spice is everywhere. Your coworker has been adding Christmas songs to the office playlist since September. You still haven’t taken your reindeer sweater to the dry cleaners after last year’s eggnog debacle at that holiday party. Oh yes, the holidays are imminent, and the number one thing you can do to avoid seasonal stress is be a proactive and thoughtful gift-giver. Fortunately, we at Beltology have the perfect gifting solution (even if it is a bit biased) — a belt. Hear us out:

1. Size doesn’t really matter.
Belts with holes: not an easy gift to get exactly right on the sizing front. Belts without holes: totally genius. Stretch woven belts like this one easily adapt to a range of waist sizes and stay comfortable and flexible throughout the day. With a stretch woven belt, you’ll not only make the gift-giving easier process on yourself, but give someone a more comfortable, day-changing belt. It’s a win-win.

2. Give ’em what they didn’t know they needed.
As we’ve written before, belts have been the forgotten accessory for too long. Chances are the person you’re gifting hasn’t put much thought into the workhorse holding up their pants. This is where you can be a hero and give them something unique. A more expressive belt (try one with a pattern or pop color) can help your recipient show the world that they pay attention to detail and aren’t afraid to have some fun.

3. They’ll use it every day.
The last thing you want is for your gift to be forgotten in a storage container, or much worse — re-gifted. With the right belt, you’re giving someone the double-edged gift of pragmatic function and expressive form. Best of all? The recipient will think of you every time they aren’t dying to take their belt off when they get home from work. A refreshing change of pace, indeed.

4. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
A stylish belt doesn’t have to be loaded with personality. Sometimes keeping it neutral and subtle can be the best course of action, especially when the alternative is a worn-out brown leather belt. “Safe” colors like tan or navy will be a versatile addition to their wardrobe without being boring. Don’t overthink it.

5. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Flip on the news and it’s easy to get cynical about the state of the world. We generally recommend optimism, but using a belt creatively can help your gift recipient in the event of extreme adversity. Need to hang their makeshift hammock from a tree? A belt will do the trick. Being attacked by zombies? They can fend them off with a belt. Sure, it’s a bit alarmist, but they’ll thank you later…


History Repeats Itself

In the 1920s, belts won a decisive victory in the battle over what, exactly, should hold up our pants. Suspenders had been a popular choice for centuries, but as military uniforms inspired people to take more functional approaches to their apparel, shoulder straps fell victim to an unforgivable comfort crime — wedgies. And as the general arc of fashion started bending towards lower pant waists, belts were simply the intuitive solution.

Cultural trends aside, the knockout punch was delivered by a single Great Man of history. The Duke of Windsor, a forward-thinking trendsetter who would later become King Edward VII, favored the more casual, American look of belts. He showed his off at parties, giving the sartorial middle finger to his suspender-wearing predecessors. The trend went viral amongst the Duke’s followers (long before Instagram was a thing), belts gained all the momentum, and we the belt-wearers have never really looked back.

The Duke of Windsor himself.

Over time, however, we’ve taken the belt for granted, pigeonholing it with a purely utilitarian and often uninteresting existence. People have evolved. Fashion has evolved along with us. But in many ways, we’ve latched the belt to the wrong side of history. We wear our belts wrong, giving them little to no attention. We wear our belts out, making them the fashion equivalent of a blown-out tire. Sometimes, we even neglect to wear our belts at all. Belts have become the forgotten accessory, and it’s time to give them the spotlight.

At Beltology, our vision for the belt’s future lies partially in its past. Cowboys made the switch from suspenders to belts in part because they enabled them to display a buckle, which signified rodeo victories. In wrestling, karate, and boxing, belts are a similar symbol of forward progress. This points to an idea much bigger than belts. Over the course of human history, people have used fashion for much more than function. We’ve used our clothing to communicate something about ourselves to the world.

The belt is no longer a forgotten accessory.

Belts aren’t going anywhere, and that’s the perfect reason for us to make them more expressive. We’ve seen many accessories get second winds as accent pieces — ties, socks, and gloves being just a few success stories. Now it’s the belt’s turn to help define our looks. The question is: What message do you want your belt to convey? That you’re boring and forgettable? Or that you’re full of personality and — like the lowly belt itself — ready to make history?

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