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There’s a lot to be thankful for this year: Missy Elliott was finally inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Famescientists brought pig brains back to life, and the nightmare that was Game of Thrones finally ended (pour one out for the Mother of Dragons, and steel yourself for the bevy of spinoffs to come).

Soon we’ll find ourselves gathered around a table with our family and loved ones, passing the mashed potatoes and trying not to argue about politics. So here’s a quick q before the hectic holidays take over: What are you thankful for?

 Here at Beltology, we're thankful for

1. High-impact first impressions
Looking polished, but not boringBright colors and fun patterns that help you stand out. Looking like you have your crap together, so you can finally gain the approval of your significant other’s family.

2. Cozy, comfy fits
Stretchy fits for easy maneuvering around the kitchen, dodging uncles with Opinions™, impromptu games of football with your cousins, or walking along the streets of your old neighborhood lined with crisp autumn leaves. Flex webbing that allows a little give for your post-Thanksgiving bod.

3. Reliability
Thank god Mercury has exited retrograde, but there’s still bound to be a million mishaps and miscommunications during the holiday season. So it’s nice to have something— even if it’s just an article of clothing— that you don’t have to worry about. Throwing on an accessory that you know feels good and looks good does wonders for your mood.

4. All of you
Big shoutout to all of our awesome customers! Thank you for including us on your journey of discovering what makes you bold and proud. If we’ve made you thankful in any way, tag us on Instagram to let us know. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and comments.

Gobble gobble 🦃